Users Guide
At QRoster, your privacy and the security of your information
are paramount to us. That's why we implement stringent
measures to safeguard your data.
Upon registration, all users are required to undergo an
account verification process to prevent unauthorized access.
Your Qatar Airways Credentials are encrypted and securely
stored on our servers. They are solely utilized for extracting
your roster and enhancing the efficiency of providing you with
information that you typically have access to.
It's important to note that we do not engage in selling or
sharing your confidential data with any third parties.
Your trust and confidentiality are fundamental to our
commitment to you.
QRoster Has 2
Corner Left
Corner Right
Once you are verified, your roster is automatically updated
multiple times a day for seamless accessibility.
In case of any roster changes, a Roster Change Box will appear,
highlighting the changes when clicked upon.
It's important to note that the acknowledge button does not
update your roster on your company's server; rather, it
acknowledges it solely within the QRoster platform.
Moreover, our Calendar or Roster page boasts numerous
hidden features that enhance user experience, which will be
elaborated on in the subsequent pages.